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Derusha Supply provides solutions for every step in the architectural stone process: quarry extraction, dimensional sawing, precision profiling, surface finishing, work-site transportation and complex installation. Our global sourcing backed by a network of product experts allows Derusha Supply to recommend the right solution for the most demanding architectural project specifications.



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From multi-blades to large diameter blades for natural stone or aggregates, our team of trained diamond technicians use skill, knowledge and specialized equipment to repair, install segments and tension your diamond blades.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you lower costs by re-segmenting your used diamond blades. Large diameter blades can also be re-segmented on-site.  Please note that this service is only available in specific areas.

From small non-coring diamond bits to large diameter diamond corebits, our team of trained technicians repair and install segments on your core bits to drill any material.  Contact us to discuss how we can help you lower costs by re-segmenting your used diamond core bits.

Give a second life to your used diamond wire after an accident by having our trained diamond technicians replastify your wire in order to lower your sawing costs.  Contact us to discuss if your diamond wire can be replastify at our replastification facility.

We understand that special jobs require a special tool. That’s why we have been helping design and fabricate custom diamond tools for years. We put our experience and knowledge of stone and diamond technologies to create tools for your unique application.  Please note that custom diamond tools are considered special order items.  Contact us for more information.

Derusha Supply makes its own machining workshop available to its customers.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements for a special part for tooling or machinery.

From small air polishers to hydraulic portable routers, our team of trained technicians assesses and repairs your air, electric and hydraulic tools. We have experience with tools such as Alpha, Flex, Cyclone, Gison, OMA, Ghines and many more!


With the Derusha team, we have found a true business partner that has the capacity to meet our needs with a wide range of products.
Michel Roy, Purchasing and Maintenance Manager, POLYCOR


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