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In 1978, we began by serving the regional granite trade and quickly became an important part of Canada’s natural stone industry. Today, our team provides a one-stop shop for the monument, architectural, countertop, masonry, tiling industries and more.

Discover events that shaped our history and have made Derusha Supply a leader in North America for equipment and supplies.

Our Story



Our founders, Gerald and Mildred Derusha, with their son Garry Derusha, decided to create an equipment and supply company tailored for the granite industry. At the beginning, the company was named Derusha Supply & Sandblast and was conveniently located in the Granite Dominion of Canada, then known as Beebe and now renamed to Stanstead, Quebec. Although, the main activity was serving the industry through supplies, the company also offered sandblasting services.


With the increasing demand for granite supplies across Canada, our founders re-iterated their commitment to the monument trade by focusing all efforts to serve the industry. Therefore, they renamed the organization Derusha Supply. At that time, the Derusha Supply team was already serving Canada from coast to coast.


Terry and Garry Derusha, sons of Gerald and Mildred, decided to pursue their parent’s legacy and became owners of Derusha Supply with the goal of becoming Canada’s premier natural stone industry equipment and supplier.


With the explosion of natural stone in the home building and renovation sector, the Derusha Supply team expanded their Stanstead facility in order to provide a wide variety of products and maintain the excellence of customer service. Several new offices were built to accommodate new sales representatives and the warehousing facilities reached 8,000 square feet.


Understanding that product selection and availability is the key to its customers, the warehousing capacity was increased to 12,000 square feet.


In order to provide a complete line of products and services at competitive prices, Derusha Supply creates it own Diamond product manufacturing facility with service professionals trained in Europe as well as North America.


Mark Derusha joined the family business and represents a 3rd generation involved in Derusha Supply. His arrival reinforced the core values, such as dedication to customer service, quality products and long term partnership. In addition, he launched an organizational assessment that led to an improved customer experience and increased operational efficiencies, setting the foundation for growth.


Derusha hit the road with a fleet of mobile warehouses to provide solutions when and where they are needed. These mobile warehouses stocked with essential countertop fabrication and installation products service the fast paced countertop industry in specific geographical areas. Today, 4 mobile warehouses serve their customers.


Derusha Supply purchased a 7,000 square foot building to centralize all diamond and repair technical services.  Moving these services to a new location enabled them to increase and concentrate their warehousing activities at their headquarters.


Derusha Supply performed extensive renovations to its Technical Service Center in order to streamline Diamond Wire assembly and plastification as well as house a custom machining workshop. In addition to providing a better work environment for employees and new production capabilities, these improvements have led to a more efficient workplace.


To keep up with the growing business, substantial renovations and construction are needed to expand the main warehouse and link the 2 buildings together. Also, a dual loading dock was implemented.


With over 30 employees across all functions of the organization, 4 Mobile Warehouses and a Technical Service Center, Derusha Supply is now able to serve numerous industries across North America. At Derusha Supply, our team prides itself in supplying products for every budget, with personalized customer service; backed by our hands-on experience. Our expansive inventory ensures you have the right product or tool for the job, when you need it!

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